1. We breed different bloodlines of Golden Retrievers from time to time, such as the Americans with the English Creams, although they are 100% Golden, there are little differences in  genetics, and colors!

So listed below are the prices for each of them. Our prices are Geographically the same, but as you go west and northeast you will find the prices increase dramatically by several thousand dollars, for the same breed of puppies.


Prices are not negotiable! 

Full English Creams:  $1500.00

3/4 English Cream Golden Retrievers: $1400.00 

Ameripean Golden Retrievers which are half English and half American: $1300.00

American Golden Retrievers: $1200.00

The Process starts first by a $400.00 deposit, either by cash if you local or

Venmo (Preferred)  or last but not least a bank cashier’s check!

No Kroger or Postal money orders accepted!

Then you will take a picture of the Cash or Cashier’s check and text it to me, at which time I will send you our address to mail it to and you will be added to the reserve list at that moment. Upon receiving your deposit, we will text you to let you know that we did receive it. From this point on when the puppies are born, we will forward pictures to you frequently until they are 6 weeks old and then we will send pictures as time permits due to more cleaning that requires more of our time.

At 2,4, and 6 weeks they will be wormed and at 3 1/2 weeks, we will give them Albon to help prevent them from getting coccidia.

At six weeks you will make your pick according to the order the deposits were received. Picks will always be on a Saturday (No Exceptions) No one will be allowed to pick out of the order of the deposits received and if you can not make your appointment then we will send you a picture of the available puppies and a small video clip for you to make your choice. All puppies will go to their new homes at 8 weeks or the nearest day that is a Saturday. If we are asked to hold a puppy past the pickup day there will be a $25.00 per day fee and must be picked up based on our times of availability.

We do have other obligations as well and can not always accommodate everyone’s schedule. So our schedules are the ones we will work by.