In the event, you ever decide to surrender your pet and want to re-home him or her!

Please remember before you surrender one of Woodview’s Goldens to a humane/animal shelter, please give Woodview Goldens the opportunity to take them and find them a good home, per our contract agreement!

Please do not list them on any of the social media sites, nor on your personal friend’s page since a lot of people that you will friend are only acquaintances and you really don’t know them that well, and they really don’t know you either! 

Should you be just venting because your pet has upset you and you list them on your page that you are going to give them away!

Don’t be surprised that we or one of our rescuers, such as my daughter will reach out to you to see if you are actually giving them up!

So should you decide that you must express your frustration because your pet has done something to upset you!

Please be responsible enough to not post, anything about giving up your pet! and allow yourself a cooling down time!


Also, there are those that would love to receive your pet to use as bait dogs for the fighting breeds!


We have no intentions of trying to offend anyone but should an offense take place,

it was not intentional, nor was it our desire to do so!

Please do not attack us for inquiring as to the welfare of one of the pets that we have sold you!

Please don’t make needless remarks on social media, about giving away your pet and you really don’t mean to give them away.

That would be irresponsible and immature, we only want what’s best for the puppies that we sell,

when selling them and in their future!

We hope that you love your Golden for a lifetime and that many good memories are made!