• Breeder guarantees that puppy is healthy at the time of sale and will provide buyer with complete health records including shots, deworming, and full veterinary examination. If puppy is being shipped, health records will be shipped to buyer.
  • Buyer must have puppy examined by a reputable veterinarian within 72 hours of taking ownership, and must be able to provide proof of examination. If any health issues that would deem the puppy at risk of euthanasia or death due to congenital defect are identified by the veterinarian, a call must be made immediately by the new owner and the veterinarian to advise Woodview Goldens of the issue.
  • Upon written confirmation by a licensed veterinarian and the return of the puppy and papers to Woodview Goldens within three days of the exam, Woodview Goldens will replace puppy from another future litter.
  • There will be no exceptions given for this time limit except where Sunday or holidays are involved.
  • Breeder guarantees the dog will have no birth defect that would cause death up to one year old.
  • Breeder provides one year guarantee from birth from hip or elbow dysplasia. Requires x-ray from buyers veterinarian,
  • Breeder provides one year guarantee from severe heart murmurs.
  • Requires an echogram administered by a canine cardiologist to confirm diagnosis.
  • Any serious health conditions identified within the warranty period must have been submitted with all required documentation within the warranty period, to be eligible for a pick from a future litter, if not it will result in buyer’s losing their choice of returning the dog for a replacement puppy from a future litter.
  • Breeder reserves the right to seek a second opinion or require a DNA sample to confirm lineage is from Woodview Goldens. Breeder is not responsible for shipping or training fees.
  • Conditions not covered in warranty include worms, fleas, mites, and other parasites that are common to puppies and dogs. Breeder is also not responsible if puppy comes down with a communicable disease within 72 hours of buyer taking possession.
  • Breeder does not guarantee characteristics of dog such as color, size, or temperament.


  • Buyer will have puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of taking possession. If proof is not given within 72 hours, all terms of this warranty in it’s entirety shall be void except where the time frame falls on a Sunday or Holiday. Exceptions will be made with approval of prior communications between both parties.
  • Buyer will not sell puppy to another individual or pet shop.
  • Buyer will provide Woodview Goldens with record of spay or neuter to be completed within 12 months, with no litters produced.
  • Buyer must provide a fenced yard or kennel with NO CHAIN. Dog must be properly protected from the elements and provided shelter that is appropriate to this breed. Proper grooming and training must take place.
  • Buyer cannot bring dog to a shelter or give it away to another individual without prior consent from Woodview Goldens.
  • Buyer agrees to return puppy to Woodview Goldens if these terms cannot be met.