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Pictures available upon request if you will text us!
They will be available to go to their new homes on Saturday,
January 26, 2019
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Please serious inquiries only!
Please do not fill out an inquiry form!
 If you are only slightly interested!
But in order to reserve a puppy, a full puppy inquiry is required to be filled out!
If you haven’t made up your mind/s that now is the time to purchase a Golden!
If you haven’t checked with the spouse or significant other, please do so before filling out the inquiry,
so that we do not try and contact you upon receiving the inquiry!
It saves everyone valuable time that can be spent assisting those that have determined that it’s time
to get their new family member.
Also if you fill out the form and do not hear from us, it’s a good chance that your form did not go through with the information needed to contact you! So please call if you do not hear from us!
Thank you in advance for your consideration!
Should you like to reserve a puppy from our next litter, please fill out a Puppy inquiry located on the left side of the home page! 
We will contact you upon receiving the inquiry, either by phone, text or email.
 Golden Retriever puppies are sold with Limited Registrations


In rare cases, we will sell with Full Registration, Ask if you are interested and we will see if you meet the conditions

that we here at Woodview Goldens require!

All of our puppies are sold with AKC Papers, the papers do not make the price of the puppy!

The papers are like a bonus for a beautiful Golden Family Member

You might say, like a Birth Certificate!


What goes home with your puppy?

You will receive a puppy packet with informational brochures from AKC,

Your puppy AKC Registration papers,

Three Generation Litter Certificate,

Pet Insurance certificate to register online for 30 days of free pet insurance

First set of puppy shot records, as well as where they have been dewormed!

A gallon bag of Purina Puppy Chow


Call 901-496-8092 To be reserve one of these Golden puppies! Again that’s 901-496-8092 Reserve your Golden puppy today while they’re still available! For updated daily pictures taken, text us!

We would like to thank all of you, that have purchased a puppy or even multible puppies from Woodview Goldens!
We really appreciate each and everyone of you.
We also would like to thank all that have shown interest in our Goldens!
We are a small hobby breeder located in North Mississippi on the outskirts of Memphis, TN. Near Byhalia, MS. Our intentions are to carry on the tradition of breeding the Full Imported bloodlines of English Cream Golden’s here in Mississippi as others across the country have done with great success. Some also call them British Cream, Canadian Cream and even White Creams only because these goldens are of European bloodlines.

The golden retriever is a wonderful animal, they are used for many purposes such as show dogs, retrievers for hunters, rescue dogs, as well as just being lovable companions. In the past we have raised American Golden Retrievers and then we came across the English Cream Golden’s and immediately fell in love with them. They have the same disposition as the American Golden’s as well, Sweet and very smart. They do enjoy a few more years in their Life Span and are Less prone to Cancer which is another plus as we sell them.


Acts 2:2-4 & Acts 2:14-21
Acts 2:38- 42 & Acts 10:44



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